10 Secrets to passing your driving test first time

posted 22 Sept 2016, 03:33 by Chris London   [ updated 4 May 2018, 03:53 ]

The big days approaching and you want to pass your driving test first time. So what do you need to know to ensure you pass first time. Here's our 10 secrets to passing your driving test first time

1. Get Experience
Get as much experience as possible, both with your instructor but also with a parent or supervising driver if available. The added experience could prove vital on test day when you may feel nervous

2. Know the routes
Get to know the local roads around the test centre. Anything you can do to feel more confident on test day will help ease those pre-test nerves

3. Practice Maneouvres
Pratice reversing the car so you feel confident to reverse the car for any of the maneouvres, whilst using effective observations

4. Revisit your theory
Read through the highway code to reaffirm your knowledge. This will help you make calm and precise decisions whilst under pressure, which inturn will help you remain cool on test

5. Relax
Take deep breaths and try and remain relaxed. Most people feel some nerves on test day but be confident in your ability and you should have nothing to worry about

6. Get to know vehicle
The more familiar you are in the vehicle you are using for test then the more relaxed you can be that you have full control. Get extra lessons if needed. Its better to get that experience and pass first time than to have to pay for another test and subsequent lessons

7. Try it all
You may be asked to drive on varying road types e.g. country roads, dual carriageways, urban areas etc on test. You may be asked to deal with different junctions such as roundabouts and crossroads etc. Only when you have learnt all of these and feel confident in these can you be sure of a positive outcome on test day

8. Be prepared
Being fully prepared will help you relax on test day. Ensure you get a good nights sleep. Have breakfast or a snack before your test, eating is proven to aid concentration. Finally ensure your have your photocard licence ready, the last thing you want is to be panicking if you cant find it

9. Ask if unsure
When on test dont be afriad to ask the exmainer if you didnt hear something or if you dont understand something. They are human just like us all. Its better to fully understand than to attempt to guess the instruction

10. Dont be the examiner
Just drive! Let them decide if your good enough. Too many people are analysing what the exminer is thinking and wondering what they are writing down. Just concentrate on the drive and let them deal with the result

So there we have it the 10 secrets of passing your driving test first time.

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Be safe driving

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