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Our well established driving school has taught 100s of people in Leicester and helped them pass their driv
ing test and reach their goals, whether that be becoming more independent, getting better employment prospects or allowing them to travel. Whatever your reason for learning to drive - we are with you the whole way

Making you a safe and confident driver is what we are all about and that’s why we are happy to offer you our TRIPLE GUARANTEE, which no
other driving schools in Leicester are offering. Not only that we are also well aware that you want value for money and that’s why I don’t want you to save £1 or £2 on a driving lesson. Instead you will save well over £500 and we are happy to show you how

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Driving Lessons Leicester : Why choose us?

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At Leicester Premier Driving we are so confident we are the right people to help you pass your driving test that we are pleased to offer you are TRIPLE GUARANTEE, which no other driving school is offering

1. Money Back Guarantee
If during any lesson you are not completely happy with the service or tuition you have received then we will refund you

2. 2 Year Driving Licence Warranty
Statistics show that you are more likely to have an accident within the first 2 years of driving than at any other time, this is why we offer the 2 year warranty. For the first 2 years from getting your licence we offer a 1 hour FREE refresher lesson to ensure you stay at a high standard of driving

3. The Pass Promise
If you don’t pass your driving test first time with our driving school then we will pay for your second driving test. That’s how confident we are that we’ll get you your licence

No other driving school will offer you this TRIPLE GUARANTEE, but we know we are the right people to help you get your licence and we stake our reputation on it. Click for more information on the Triple Guarantee


Driving School Leicester : Saving you money


Go on to Google and search “cheap driving lessons in Leicester” and you’ll see many driving schools prepared to offer you a £1 or £2 saving on a driving lesson. But is that enough? Let me show you how we can save you over £500 on your driving lessons with us

By doing 2 hours of driving lessons every 3-4 days you cut the amount of time needed recapping previous subjects that you have already covered. You’ve got less time to forget things and more time to learn new skills. By saving just 15 minutes per lesson of recapping you could save 12 hours of tuition!  That’s a SAVING OF £312

The DVSA statistics show that the average learner takes 45 hours of lessons and 22 hours of private practice before they pass their test. By keeping your lessons closer together you cut the need for private practice. To be able to do private practice you need an insured car and also cause general wear and tear on your car. Insurance and wear and tear will easily cost you £30 per week for approximately 3 months. By cutting the need for private practice we will SAVE YOU £360

So far we have saved you £672 but there’s more:

Leicester Premier Driving is the only school in Leicester offering Telematics (black box) driving tuition completely FREE OF CHARGE. Black box car insurance can easily save you between £300-500 per year on your insurance premium, whilst also making you a safe and confident driver. We’ll show you how to avoid the premium penalties and how to keep your score high to avoid extra costs. This is part of our standard service

As mentioned in our triple guarantee you also get  2 year warranty meaning you get 2 FREE lessons after you’ve passed your test. That’s another £52 saving!

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Lets break that down:
No recapping: £312 saving

No private practice provisional insurance: £360 saving

Telematics insurance: Lets say £300 but could save more
2 year warranty: £52 saving


Now which would you rather save? £1 or £2 on a driving lesson or £1024?

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Driving Instructors Leicester : Helping you pass your driving test first time

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The driving test last roughly 40 minutes. You can take the driving test at any test centre, once you have pass your theory test, and you will need to show the examiner you are a safe and confident driver.

You must take your UK provisional photo card licence, theory pass paper and provide a car - most people use their driving instructors although you can use your own as long as it meeting the criteria (you can check this on www.gov.uk website)

During the test you can have your driving instructor, friend or relative sit in the back of the car to observe the test or ask for them to be present at the end of the test for the feedback and result

During test you will be ask to show competence in 5 key areas
- Eye sight test: You must be able to read a number plate from 20 metres away
- Show me Tell me questions: You will be asked 2 vehicle safety questions
- General driving ability: Follow the examiners directions on various roads and in varying traffic conditions
- Reversing the vehicle: You must complete either a turn in the road, left corner reverse, parallel park or bay park
- Independent driving: Follow a series of road signs, verbal directions or a combination of both for approximately 10 minutes

To pass the driving test you must not get any serious or dangerous (major) faults. You must also score no more that 15 driver faults (minors)

We will help you though every stage of the learning process and help you get your full driving licence

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