Driving Lessons Braunstone Frith

When your looking for driving lessons in Leicester its important to find the right driving school to get you that all important pass certificate. Passing and being able to drive independently is a fanstastic achievement. Throughout this website you will find lots of information about how you can pass first time with our driving school. You can also find out about our TRIPLE GUARANTEE and also how we can save you over £500 whilst learning to drive

Our TRIPLE GUARANTEE ensure we make your driving completely risk free, ensuring you can focus on enjoying lessons and gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to pass first time

A fully qualified, friendly instructor will help you develop the necessary skills to get you on the road to becoming a cofident and safe driver.

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driving lessons braunstone
driving lessons braunstone


Driving Lessons Braunstone Frith - Why should you learn to drive?

Better employment prospects, freedom to travel, independence are just a few reasons why people want to learn to drive.

Are you fed up of waiting for a bus in the rain? - and it's inevitably late or doesnt show up.

Then book your first driving lessons with us today and we can guide you through each stage of the learning process.

Our TRIPLE GUARANTEE takes the stress away from learning to drive by passing the responsibility to us. We will help and guide you through to getting that all importnat pass certificate



Driving School Braunstone Frith - Beginners lessons

Whether your a new comer to driving, part trained or test standard we can help you get that pass certificate.

Our fully qualified, DSVA approved instructors have guide 100s of people through the process and got them on the road. Working in a friendly, enjoyable environment whilst also providing expert knowledge - we'll have you driving independently in no time


Driving Instructors Braunstone Frith - Nervous Drivers

Many people are nervous whether that be on your first lesson or on the day of the test.

If you are a nervous driver then we can help you with that. You are not alone.. we have taught many nervous or anxious learners and we pride ourselves in providing a calming environment to learn in. All our clean, modern cars are fitted with dual controls which means that at all times the instructor can take control of the car. They will provide calm, friendly instruction and coaching to ensure you learn at a speed that suits you. We are proud to promote client-centred learning in our lessons to ensure your happy with how you are progressing. As your confidence grows your nerves will go and soon you'll be a confident, independent driver


Driving Lessons Braunstone Frith

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