Driving Lessons Glenfield

Freedom to travel, independence, more employment prospects - these are just a few reasons people join our driving school nd let us help them become full licence holders and pass their driving test. Nothing is more exciting than the moment the examiner gives you the great news "I'm pleased to tell you that you've passed". You've done it. It opens up a whole new aaspect in your life and give you the ability to head in many directions. We are here to help you through each stage and get you that well deserved pass certificate. So start your driving lessons today by contacting us:


driving lessons braunstone

driving lessons braunstone


Driving Lessons Glenfield

What test do I need to do to get my licence?

There are 2 tests to pass to gain your driving licence

- Theory test - Firstly you must pass a theory test which consists of 50 multiple choice questions and 14 hazard perception clips. You must score 43/50 on the multiple choice and 44/75 on the hazard perception.

- Practical Test - Once theory is passed you can book a practical test. Where you will sit with an examiner who will assess your current ability by giving directions, asking you to perfrom a manoeuvre and driving independently following road signs. Your allowed 15 driver faults (minors) and no serious or dangerous faults (majors)

Our driving instructors in Leicester will guide you through the stages of each of the tests and help you gain that valuable knowledge and skill needed to pass your driving test first time



Driving School Glenfield

Driving Test Rescue

Have you recently failed a driving test?
Do you just need a polish up on a few things?

If yes then contact us and ask about our driving test rescue. We've helped many people in Leicester in a similiar situation to yourself. We'll assess your current ability, action plan what needs working on, build your confidence and ensure the next test is a success. Contact us today and let us help you gain the pass certificate you deserve


Driving Instructors Glenfield

Part trained

Have you had driving lessons in Leicester already? maybe they were a few months or a few years back. Either way we can assess your current ability and help you pln the next stages to ensure you gain that all important pass certificate. There is no need to start from the beginning again (unless you want to). We'll see what you remember and work on the parts that need improvement using proven client centred learning to ensure you gain skill and knowledge effectively and get that pass and full licence


Driving Lessons Glenfield

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