Driving Lessons Groby

"Congratulations you've passed your driving test". Thats what we all love to hear and that what we are here to help you achieve. Using the proven client centred learning approach to lessons we'll ensure lessons are enjoyable, focused and progressive. We wont hold you back. If your good enough we will progress you through the syllabus and get you closer to the pass certificate and the freedom that passing your driving test gives you. For more information, to ask any questions or to book a lesson call us today


driving lessons braunstone

driving lessons braunstone


Driving Lessons Groby

What is Client centred learning?

Client centred learning is a proven way of teaching which gives the best results and ensure you get an in-depth knowledge and are involved in the learning process.

Our instructors wont just tell you what you've done wrong and wht you should have done. Instead CCL involves the pupil in the teaching meaning we are working on the important things, asking you questions and coaching you to get the correct skills to ensure that important test pass. CCL is proven to ensure a more in-depth knowledge



Driving School Groby

Beginners lessons

If you've never driven before you may be nervous or unsure if you'll be any good. But rest assured our instructors will help get rid of the nerves, build confidence by delivering lessons that will build your skill and knowledge.

A beginners first lesson will involve discussing the controls and how to ensure car is set up properly. Then we'll discuss how to start and stop the car and then we will give it some practice along with some left and right turns.

We like to get people moving. You wont spend the majority of your lesson sat talking like you do on some of the "cheaper driving schools". You'll be in the drivers seat practicing the skills and learning through practice. All lessons work at your pace. If your ready we'll move you onto the next topic. We wont hold anyone back and thats why many people recommend us and have given us 5* reviews


Driving Instructors Groby

Nervous driver?

Are you nervous about learning? nervous about the test?

Well I've got news for you - your not the only one. Lots of people come to us and are nervous. But by gaining knowledge and skill the nerves disappear as you have confidence in your own ability. There are products to help calm people that can be brought from local shops but the main thing that helps with nerves if your owwn ability. If your a good driver you'll feel less nervous as you'll be confident in your own ability to control the car. We'll help you gain those skills and confidence through our CCL focused lessons. Let us help you get that licence you deserve. Contact us today 07963216248


Driving Lessons Groby

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