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driving lessons in Leicester
Nothing is more exciting than passing your driving test and becoming independent. Leicester Premier Driving School is here to
help you pass your driving test first time. Whilst offering a high quality service we also offer you a way of saving well over £500 by choosing our driving school

Our driving school in Leicester has built an excellent reputation by teaching 100s of people and helped them become more independent, gain better employment prospects or allowing them to travel. We will guide you through every step of the way with our knowledgeable instructors who provide an enjoyable yet informative approach to teaching

Becoming a safe and confident driver is what we pride ourselves in training you to become and that’s why we are proud to offer you something no other driving school in Leicester is prepared to do and that’s our TRIPLE GUARANTEE. Forget about saving £1 or £2 on a driving lesson and looking for “cheap driving lessons in Leicester” and instead let us show you how you can save you well over £500.

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driving lessons braunstone


Best Driving Lessons in Leicester

driving school in Leicester

Leicester Premier Driving’s TRIPLE GUARANTEE is unique in Leicester, no other driving school is offering this and it provides you with a risk free way of learning to drive

1. Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with the service or tuition you have received during the lesson then we will refund you for that lesson

2. 2 Year Driving Licence Warranty
The first 2 years of driving is where you are most likely to have an accident, statistics have proved this. We don’t like this s
tatistic and therefore we offer you the 2 year warranty. We offer a 1 hour FREE refresher lesson each year for the first 2 years to ensure your driving ability stays at a high standard

3. The Pass Promise
Nationally over 50% of people in the UK fail their first attempt at the driving test. In the unlikely event that you don’t pass your driving test first time with our driving school then we will pay for the second driving test. That’s how confident we are in our ability to teach you the required skills to pass your test

We are unique in Leicester for offering this TRIPLE GUARANTEE, and are best placed to help you gain the confidence and ability to pass first time



Best Driving School in Leicester

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Everyone wants to spend as little as possible, but is looking for a saving of £1 or £2 on a driving lesson really offering you value? How about we show you how we can save you well over £500 on your driving lessons with us

Keeping lessons close together is the key to spending less on lessons. It cuts the amount of recapping needed and therefore allows more time to learn new skills. By doing 2 hours of driving lessons every 3-4 days you could save 15 minutes per lesson of recapping meaning you could save 12 hours of tuition!  That’s a SAVING OF £312

The statistics from the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency show that the average learner takes 45 hours of lessons and 22 hours of private practice before they pass their test. Closer together lessons could also cut the need for private practice. Private practice causes wear and tear on the car - what if you skim an alloy on the kerb for example? Along with that you also have to get some provisional insurance This could cost over £30 per week . Cutting private practice will SAVE YOU £360

£672 saved so far. Lets keep going. Want to save more?:

We are the only driving school in Leicester offering black box telematics driving lessons completely FREE OF CHARGE. Choosing black box car insurance can easily reduce your premiums from between £300-500 per year, whilst also ensuring you are safe and also a confident driver. Avoiding the premium penalties and learning how to keep the score high will help you to avoid extra costs. This is part of our standard service

Going back to the triple guarantee you also get a 2 year warranty, meaning you get 2 FREE lessons after you’ve passed your test. That’s another £52 saving!

Lets break that down:

No recapping over old lessons: £312 saving
No provisional insurance for private practice: £360 saving
Black box insurance: Lets say £300 but could be much more
2 year warranty: £52 saving


So whats your choice? Save £1 or £2 or join us and save upto £1024

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Best Driving Instructors in Leicester

driving lessons in Leicester

Once you have passed your theory test you can book your practical test. The practical test is there to ensure you are a safe and competent driver. The driving test lasts roughly 40 minutes and will be conducted by a DVSA examiner

What should you take with you?
- UK provisional photo card licence
- Theory pass paper
- A car - usually your driving instructors car although you can use your own as long as it meets the requirements set out by the DVSA (you can check this on www.gov.uk website)

During the test you can have someone observe your test. This could be your driving instructor, friend or relative sitting in the back of the car. Alternatively you can ask for them to be present at the end of the test for the feedback and result

During test you will be asked to show competence in 5 key areas
- Eye sight test: You’ll be asked to read a number plate from 20 metres away
- Show me Tell me questions: 2 vehicle safety questions will be asked at the start
- General driving ability: The examiners will direct you on various roads and in varying traffic conditions
- Reversing the vehicle: You must complete either a turn in the road, left corner reverse, parallel park or bay park
- Independent driving: Follow a series of road signs, verbal directions or a combination of both for approximately 10 minutes

At the end of the test the examiner will give you the result. To pass the driving test you must not get any serious or dangerous (major) faults. You must also score no more that 15 driver faults (minors)

We are here to help you through every single stage and we will help you get your full driving licence

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