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Our driving school in Leicester is helping people just like you pass their driving test first time, giving them a life skill that opens up a world of opportunities. Friendly, patient knowledgable instructors who are approved by the DVSA and here to help you through each step to gain that pass certificate. Other driving schools will offer you lessons for £1 or £2 cheaper but beware of cheap deals – there not as they seem. Read through our website and we’ll show you how you can save over £500 on driving lessons by choosing us

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driving lessons braunstone

driving lessons braunstone


Driving Lessons Leicester Forest East

How to choose the right instructor for you?

Searching on Google for “driving lessons in Leicester” will bring up hundreds of instructors and schools. But how do you know who is the best and who is right for you?

-          Reviews – How good are the reviews from others. Do people rate them highly?

-          Recommendations – Have you been recommended by a friend to use them

-          Grading – All instructors are graded. You should look for an A or B grade instructor or a grade 5 or 6 if they haven’t been graded recently

-          Car – Are they using a clean, modern, comfortable car fitted with dual controls?

-          Instructor - Are they clean, presentable, friendly, knowledgeable, patient and calm

With Leicester Premier Driving we can tick all the boxes for these areas. And we are so confident that we also offer you our TRIPLE GUARANTEE to prove how serious we are: Money back guarantee, 2 year warranty and a pass promise. Now who else offers you this?



Driving School Leicester Forest East

Should learner be allowed on the motorway?

That’s the question many people have been asking for a long time and government have been debating for a while now. Well it seems like changes are coming. According to the latest consultations we could soon be seeing learner drivers practicing on the motorway as long as they are with a fully qualified instructor. This will give them a vital driving skill on a road which previous many people never got trained on. This can only be a good thing to road safety. Watch this space for more information


Driving Instructors Leicester Forest East

New driving test changes

Currently in consultation by the DVSA is a revised driving test which could come into force at some point in 2017. The new driving test will have a few key changes:

-        -  Removal of the turn in road manoeuvre and left corner reverse

-        -  Introduction of 2 new manoeuvres – pull in bay forwards and reverse out and pull up on right side of the road, reverse back and move off safely

-        -  Independent driving to increase to 20 minutes and include a section of following a satnav

The new test is hoped to make the driving test more realistic to real life driving once you’ve passed your test and assess your ability to be a safe and competent driver on the roads. Keep an eye on our website and facebook page and we’ll announce news as we hear it


Driving Lessons Leicester Forest East

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