Driving Lessons New Parks

Are you wanting to pass your driving test first time? Are you sick of catching the bus or relying on others for a lift?

We're here to help you through your driving test and to ensure you get that all important pass certificate and get on the road to independence. Our lessons our tailored to your needs - we'll progress you through the course as quickly as possible using client centred learning to ensure your enjoying you lessons whilst learning the necessary skills required to be a confident driver.

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driving lessons braunstone

driving lessons braunstone


Driving Lessons New Parks

What do I need before I cant start learning to drive?

To learn to drive you must be 17 years old. You must also have a provisional photocard licence - you can apply for this 3 months before your 17th birthday. Once you have this you can book a lesson.

We'll will endeavor to book you in at a time and date that is suitable for you. Ideally its best to book your first lesson a few weeks in advance as we tend to be extremely busy and sometimes have a waiting list.

Once your lessons book your instructor will pick you up from the address agreed. Please bring your photocard provisional licence with you for your first lesson. The instructor will then guide you through the process of learning to drive and book any further lessons with you at the end of each lesson



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What skills do I need to learn to be a safe driver and pass my test?

Our driving lessons in Leicester run through a syllabus of skills you must acquire to become both confident and safe on the road. The practical driving test will look for you to drive on varying roads and varying conditions and show competence whilst doing so. You must also show the examiner that you can drive independently either by following a series of verbal directions or by following roads signs. The examiner will also want to see you carry out one of the reverse maneouvres. You may also be asked to perform an emergency stop, hill start or angled start.

Our driving instructors in Leicester are fully qualified and will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to pass your driving test


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But what if I get nervous during the test?

Nerves are ok as long as you can control them. The best way to conquer nerves is by increasing your ability. By being confident in your own ability to control the car in various situations you will generally feel less nerves. It's important on test to take your time and not rush, this will lead to less mistakes, remain calm and drive as you would drive on a normal lesson. The examiner is not trying to catch you out, they are just there to assess your current ability.

Our driving school in Leicester will give you the skills and knowledge to help you reduce nerves and pass the driving test


Driving Lessons New Parks

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