Driving Lessons Ratby

Independence to travel, not realying on others, greater employment prospects.... these are just a few reasons to start your driving lessons in Leicester with Leicester Premier Driving School. We will help you gain the pass certificate and get out on the road. Whether your a beginner, part trained, recently failed a test with another school or after refresher lessons we can help you. 

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driving lessons braunstone

driving lessons braunstone


Driving Lessons Ratby

Part trained?

Have you had lessons with another driving school in Leicester and decided they are not for you? Then call us today. We will assess your current ability and continue the training to get you passed and on the road. We dont expect you to start from scratch, just let us see what your current ability is and then we will use client centred learning to coach you through the remaining course. You may need only a few hours to get from where you are to passed but we'll ensure the learning process is both fun and informative. If your not happy with your driving instructor in Leicester then call us today and we'll help you through



Driving School Ratby

Do you need our driving test rescue?

Have you recently failed a test? Do you have a driving test coming up and need an instructor? if yes then call us today

We have trained hundreds of pupils in Leicester and got them through their driving test and on the road. You may only need a couple of hours and then a test. We'll help you work on any problem areas, assess any weaknesses and ensure they are rectified. We want to get you through your test. So if you want to pass your driving test then we are the people you need to call


Driving Instructors Ratby

I dont know anything about cars, does that matter?

When we first start teaching people to drive in Leicester we make no assumptions that they know anything about driving. Many of the lessons we have given at the start have been to pupils who have no idea about the controls or how to move a car. We can start as basic as you need us to. We'll start lessons on a quiet road while you gain confidence with the basic controls and handling of the car and once you gain the ability to control the car we will move on to the busier roads. We wont hold people back though, if your good enough we will progress you through the course and on to the test as soon as we see your ready. If you want to pass your test the call our driving school today


Driving Lessons Ratby

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