Theory Test Centres In Leicester

You can book your theory test at any time and our strongest suggestion is the sooner you book your theory test and pass it the better it is for you overall.

We believe it will help contribute towards needing fewer driving lessons on the basis that your instructor will need a little less interaction with you. You will be able to put into practice what you have learned such as road positioning, road signs and hazard perception. Of course your driving instructor is always there to assist you making sure what you do is correct but if you can take the lead on that, you will save money needing fewer driving lessons overall.

Prior to booking your theory test we can help you with revisi on, anything from a few minutes before, during or after your lesson. Also you can book an h our or 2 hours slot if you would prefer to do that. Depending upon availability some students like to have a One hour theory lesson before they take theory test.

To book the test use this link provided by the DVSA

You will need a method of payment and your provisional driving licence number.

And here is the theory test centre in Leicester. 3rd Floor, Rutland Centre, 56 Halford Street, Leicester, LE1 1TQ

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