Turn In The Road

Driving Lessons Leicester - Turn in the Road

Make sure the way is clear in front and behind, check the blind spot over your right shoulder. Go slowly forward in first gear using clutch control, turning your steering wheel briskly to the right. Aim at getting the car at right-angles across the road.When the front of the car is about one metre from the kerb and still moving very slowly, change the lock by turning the steering wheel briskly to the left. As the front wheels get near to the kerb, put the clutch right down and use your foot-brake to stop. Apply your hand-brake. 

Select reverse gear. Find the biting point. Make sure the way is clear. Check in all directions. If clear release your hand-brake. Back slowly across the road, turn the steering wheel as far to the left as it will go. As the back of the car nears the kerb (you will see this over your right shoulder), turn the wheel briskly to the right so that when you stop you will be nearly on the right-hand lock ready to drive forward again. 
Stop the car before you hit the kerb. Put on the hand-brake. 

Select first gear. Again make sure the road is clear and drive forward, turning the wheel to the right. You should now be able to straighten up on the left of the road. If you don’t make it around repeat the reverse stage again

Driving School Leicester - Turn in Road